A team that develops and edits moving images such as Video Production and Animation. Our team is not confined from Post Production; we also do Pre-Production such as Scripting and Storyboarding. We also offer Audio Production, original Musical Scoring and Arrangement, as well as Voice Over and Audio Recording via our partnership with the recording facility of our very own METAPIXEL Director, Music Producer and Sound Engineer.

Video Production

Creating and crafting videos are the specialty of the Productions Team. From capturing moving images to editing, well help you produce a fantastic presentation for your product and/or project.


Some clients prefer movement on their static artworks. The Production Team is here to facilitate the illusion of movement, whether it is Kinetic Typography, Motion Graphics or Character Movement.


No time to create your own script? The Productions Team can help you identify what direction you want to go to and elaborate. With our background on research, youll surely have a script thats accurate and concise (even in visual suggestions).


Whether you want a fast draft (black and white, hand-drawn) or a bit more upscale (presentation quality), the Production Team can help you visualize your script.

Sound and Audio Recording

Partnering with Awit Award-winning Music Producer(and METAPIXEL Director) Yosef Garcia, we can take your music and audio needs from pre-production to quality production, to polished final product. We also have a wide range of voice talents, voice actors and professional musicians at our disposal, to ensure your project is professional, creative and vibrant.

Musical Arrangement

METAPIXEL has an immense audio library of musical scores and sound effects. You have the luxury of selecting Stock Music and Sounds, or having us compose and produce Original Music and Audio to make your project a one-of-a-kind stand out.