DRip Media

digital signage system, ads management, ads placement, ads space

DRip Media was borne out of an idea on how to connect the 3 digital screens/platforms (digital screen, smart mobile devices, internet/web). Three companies representing the 3 platforms namely DigiPost, METAPIXEL and Wow City formed an alliance to create the DRip Media System.

DRip Media (Digital Ripple Media) hopes to provide the services that will fill the untapped market of digital signage industry which is customer engagement using Smart TV Screens, Wi-Fi, 3G connectivity and the use of embedded QR codes on the screen. With this system, the audience/customer will not only view the ad but can be directed to the site where you want them to go. Aside from the audience engagement feature, the DRip Media System is also easy to install, operate, manage and cost effective.

The company was organized last 2013 and is currently operating Digital Lifestyle Media Network (10 LED screens located in bars, restaurants and a gym.) It has partnered with DigiPost Marketing for its digital signage software requirements in Araneta Center, leading schools and campuses and currently working on digital menu projects for some restaurants. Other projects are Project T.R.I.P (Targetted Responsive Interactive Personal ) Ads for taxi cabs and Project O.D.E (OFW Digital Engagement) for remittance centers. Also in the pipeline are expansion of the Digital Lifestyle Media Network and the Digital Campus Media.